Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The latest from Charles Nenner cycles guru

"Nenner sees multiple peaks developing in a number of equity indexes coming at the end of January. He is still long the S&P 500, which could run as high as 1,480 in a best case scenario. He will sell his position if the SPX trades below 1248, or by January 25, whatever happens first. "

"The wily Dutchman sees an 18 month bear market in bonds that we all should be trading around. Ten year yields will balloon up from the current 3.40% to 4.20% and the 30 year may see as high as 5.30%."

"What would Nenner do with new money he received today? What are the cleanest trades out there? It’s very simple. He would sell the next two point rally in bonds through buying the (TBT). "

Live interview:

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