Friday, January 7, 2011

01-07 how did we do for the week

On 01-01 we highlighted 2 stocks (ANAD, DCTH).  We said ANAD buy signals looked good.  ANAD had a very good week (made a few shekels on it).  We said though DCTH was giving buy signals other factors (cycle alignments) did not look favorable and probably should take a pass.  DCTH had a bump mid week, but overall it was not a good week for DCTH.  ANAD is now at a point where it could have a "sell" signal soon - so be careful if you bought.

For the week I said  "Overall though I think the weight of the cycles should give us some downside by the end of the week.",  Check.

I featured LIZ as a potential near term buy.  Their 2H guidance last evening was ugly and it was down 13% today.  No buy signals yet, but this probably set a bottom today and we expect buy signals soon.  Others featured were SVA  - somewhat negative comments Thursday morning in the news.  But, it held up well.  Expecting a buy signal soon.  Then there was LSE which appears to have triggered a CCI buy signal today (more on this one later after I take a closer look).  Then there was VASC and SHO last evening.  Nothing new to report on these - still waiting for signals.

Overall, looks like we got the market direction right (higher high than we thought by mid week) with weakness the last 2 days of the week.  And a couple of good calls on stocks (ANAD and DCTH).  As to the rest time will tell.

Have a good week end.


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