Monday, January 10, 2011

1-10 comments and Tue outlook

Today SVA flashed a CCI buy signal early and took off.  If you were not paying close attention (and I wasn't) you missed it.  The 50 day MA  crossed the 200 day MA (from below to above) - and this is a bullish signal usually. Don't chase SVA.  If it pulls back to  $4.30-4.35 it may be good for a trade.  Also, LSE CCI signal became stronger and it moved up.  Again - don't chase, but if it pulls back to $5.70 or less it may make a decent trade.

Over the weekend I posted a short term chart showing that the S&P should top around 3:00 PM (it topped about 3:40).  Here is a S&P chart with projections for tomorrow:

At or near important reversals the short cycles often give us a good picture of what is likely to happen as longer cycles are turning (flat).  If this proves out then tomorrow should be a down day.

GL traders


  1. Let's hope it plays out......I'm positioned for maximum effect.

  2. C_K

    Looks like I misjudged the strenth of the 5 hr cycle. I'll try to do better. lol