Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kitchin and Wall cycles

You have been introduced previously to the 3.39 year (Dewey cycle) or 40.68 months. Others talk about a 41 month or 42 month cycles. I believe all these people are talking about the same cycle (and will assume as much) . The 42 month cycle is commonly called the Kitchen Cycle.

The Kitchin Third, as its name implies, is one third the length of the Kitchin Cycle. Since the ideal Kitchin cycle is 42 months or 1277.5 days in length, the ideal Kitchin Third is 14 months or 425.83 days (about 60 weeks).

PQ Wall (noted cycle authority) said Since a Kitchin cycle is made up of nine Wall Cycles, each Kitchin Third is made up of three Wall Cycles (or 20 weeks per Wall cycle). The Kitchin Cycle often unfolds in the three sections, but Kitchin Thirds are not typically as clear as other cycles.

Market forecasting master PQ Wall had a general rule of third last and weakest. This goes for the final Kitchin Third in a Kitchin Cycle, but also goes for Wall Cycle #3, #6, and #9, i.e, the final Wall Cycle in each Kithchin Third.

Got all that?  Maybe a couple of pictures (charts) will help make it clearer:

Now let's look at a Kitchin Third:

Disclaimer:  placement of cycles may need to be shifted slightly.  The charts are for illustrative purposes only.  Now you know why I keep talking about a 20 week cycle.

GL traders.

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