Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cyclic analysis CF per request

CF is 2-3 days from the bottom of a 34 day cycle, but no buy signal yet.  There is a good chance we get signals at the bottom of this short term cycle (but not guaranteed).  I think the downside potential is $110, but it might be $108.  $108 would probably cause a channel buy signal.

Here is the short tem chart:
The longer term cycles are up, but the shorter of the two should top soon.  Here is the chart:


  1. inlet,

    thank you very much for your work. now i can see the 105-110 area as a good risk to reward entry. will watch carefully, it tracked POT closely all day today. i bought 114.


  2. Susie - always happy to help a friend when I can. Hope I am wrong (and you are right @ $114).