Wednesday, November 3, 2010

11-3 mid week update cycles

Not much has changed since the weekend.  Sure we had an election.  Sure the Fed announced QE.  Yet, not much difference in the market.  The 5.5 day cycle (shown in my weekend post) should have bottomed today.  The 5.5 week (think 34 days) cycle is still down.   The 45 day cycle should have turned up. The 22 day cycle is up. 

Let's summarize:
  • 5.5 day cycle up
  • 22 day cycle up
  • 34 day cycle down
  • 45 day cycle up
So in total for the rest of the week the sum of the short cycles should be up.  Combined with longer cycles up we may see some sharp up moves Thu/Fri.  Time will tell.

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