Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11-23 Looking back part III

I look back to see how I have done.  As I noted last time I looked back I don't always hit the ball.  I was too pessimistic on APPL and AMZN.  Since then APPL hit my revised target of $300.

I posted a chart of BUCY in late Oct and noted it was a buy.  This would have been a bases loaded home run.  I wish I could claim I saw a buyout coming.  I didn't.  BUCY analysis was requested by somone else.  Sometimes you get hit with dumb luck.  Still I saw it as a buy.

Another stock I covered was CREE after a pullback and noted it was a buy with an initial target of $54.  It has gotten over $58.  If I had revisited it a couple  weeks ago I feel confident I would have upped my target.  Regardless, I played calls 3 different times when CREE was in the $50-51 range for some nice profits.  If I had had the funds available I may have bought the stock.  But, between long and short positions I  did not have funds to do so.

It appears that CREE is near a top and if you own it then you should tighten your stops to preserve profits.  Here is CREE:

Have a great Thanksgiving.

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