Saturday, November 19, 2011

11-18-2011 Wall cycle (20 weeks) headed down

The Wall cycle should bottom by or before  Christmas it appears:

This and the 22TD cycle being down over the next 2 weeks should provide market weakness into early December.  Here is my version of the Wall cycles:

As the Wall cycle is now down this in part explains the apparent dominance of the 22TD cycle.


  1. Hi Inlet, I really enjoy visiting your site (which PalmerJoe put me on to, tx Joe!) and learning about cycle theory but I have no prior exposure to this form of TA and I don't really know were to start. I confess I was skeptical at first but the more I analyze the more I see real value. To the true lover of knowledge there is little more satisfying than being proven that one has been wrong - that's one way I personally define edification at least.

    Anyway, I wondering if you could recommend some resources for me, you know to separate the schills from the real deal? (I'm familiar with Droke but that's about it) Ultimately I'd like to be able to create cycle charts such as the ones you display here although I don't know what kind of software I would need.

    thanks for all your great work it's appreciated


    "when the facts change I change my mind what do you do sir.". -John Maynard Keynes

  2. Victory - there are lots of books on cycles (check Amazon). The first book I read on the subject was by JM Hurst - take a look for yourself:

    Droke and Barker (see article above) tend to focus on longer cycles which are not that suitable for swing trading. I am sure there must be other blogs that focus on swing trade cycles, but I like to think I offer the best mix of charts and explanation of my reasoning.

    Also, there are several software programs available (have not tried/reviewed any - so I cannot comment on whether any of the software is worth the money).

    I use as a base source for many of my charts (ie DPO or other oscillators) and may then use "paint" if I want to add other annotation. I use the ScotTrade 10 min/20 day chart for my daily presentation and draw the cycle representations using "paint". So everything I use is readily available and free.

    You may also want to review some of my earlier posts on Hurst and Gann where I explain the orgin of the cycle lengths I tend to focus on.

  3. Inlet, just started browsing JM Hust what a terrific resource, so excited, thank you! Will try to find the posts you mentioned as well.

    Thanks again for everything