Monday, November 21, 2011

11-22-2011 outlook

Today exceeded my downside target some.  We did meet the projected downside based on the 34TD cycle amplitude (105 pts or so top to bottom).  IMO the 34TD cycle bottomed mid day and as I suggested we did get a bit of bounce off that bottom.

So we now have the 34TD cycle up and the 22TD cycle down.  Based on most recent DPO values these two cycles should largely offset, but I suspect given the apparent dominance of the 22TD cycle it may provide a slight down side bias.   The 11.2TD cycle is up and the 5.6TD cycle is down and should largely offset.  The 2.8TD cycle bottoms around mid day and should provide little influence for the day overall.  The Wall cycle is down.  So overall tomorrow may have a slight down bias, but by the end of the day may be little changed.  I would expect a fairly tight range during the day.

Here is the SPX swing cycles (my interpretation):

GL traders.  Do your own analysis


  1. Inlet,
    I didn't get filled on my limit order for SLW. So, still on the hunt for an opportunity. SLW tripled it's dividend and the ex-dividend date was yesterday. So buying some today may not capture the dividend. "Turd" is concerned that the metals will sell off more, so perhaps SLW will fall more.
    Phil Davis didn't offer any advice today. He just ranted about the "Super Committee" and his hatred of Fox News.
    Keystone Speculator feels we will get a bounce. My concern is that the bounce may be small.
    Your cycles still show a "mixed bag". So, waiting seems best for now.

  2. Trading in a narrow range as expected. Was negative most of the morning. 2.8TD cycle bottomed around 12:00 and now at 1:30 flat - DOW red, others green.