Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11-16-2011 outlook

We have 2 cycles topping and 2 cycles bottoming on Wednesday.  So the only cycle with a clear direction is the 34TD cycle.  Given this we could end down 10 points or up 10 points depending on the exact timing of cycles topping and bottoming.

I told you over the weekend that the 22TD cycle may again be assuming dominance.  Given that the last 2 days saw very little downside I think plays into the theme of 22TD cycle dominance.  Here is the SPX swing cycles (my interpretation):

GL traders, do your own analysis.


  1. Inlet,

    Kliguy wrote yesterday on the SKF site that some type of pending doom will occur in the next 8-24 hours. He wrote CET, meaning Central European Time. He did not elaborate.

    Keystone wrote that the Dollar is showing an Inverse H&S pattern with 89 as a Target.

    Phil Davis shorted the futures this am, but was not sure about shorting further. My general impression though is that he feels the market will fall.

    The market started with a Gap down. If it shows some recovery, I might take a chance with a short position.

  2. Dotrader....what happened today....I had PUTs on the SPY...and expected a downturn...but the news didn't sensationalize like it normally does?

  3. Doc Trader -

    Not that I don't have faith in Kliguy, but how would he know that? Maybe he is leading the OWS group to Wall Street tomorrow morning. Hehehehe

    Got a nasty little sell off after the 22TD cycle topped (my guess)in the last hour.

  4. Shadow,
    Depending on when you bought those puts, you may have done OK. I never ended up taking a short position yesterday--just too busy at work lately. So, I have some cash and keep looking for an opportunity. Keystone & Inlet projected that 1225 was possible, so I am watching for some type of bottom, and then hoping for a Christmas rally. I am speculating that all sorts of bad news will come out about the Super Committee lack of progress, and thus move the markets lower. Then, at the last minute, the Super Committee will find a "fix for everything", and the markets will roar higher.

    I do feel that there is something special about Kliguy and I would not be suprised one bit if he has some type of special connections. I follow his posts on the TF Metals Report & SKF. He did post on TF Metals that he did visit OWS in NYC. Some of his posts seem "cryptic", as if he is saying something, but you have to figure it out for yourself.