Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The 22.5TD cycle dominance

Why is it at times a cycle appears dominant and at other times it appears to fade.  I would suggest to you that it depends on the alignment with longer cycles.  If the longer cycle and shorter cycle are aligned so they are headed the same direction then the shorter cycle seems to have become dominant.

Specifically - at this time the 22.5TD cycles appears to be dominant.  As you know the longer cycles have within them shorter cycles that are fractions (1/2, 1/4, 1/8, etc) of the longer cycle.   This leads us to suspect that the 22.5TD cycle is a fraction (1/2) of a longer 45TD  cycle. A 45TD cycle is just under 2 months.  If we look at a chart we see there was a major bottom the first of Oct.  And it appears we will get another notable bottom around Dec 1 (about 45 TDs).    Looking back farther there was another major bottom the first part of August (another 45TDs).  This seems to support the probability that there is a 45TD cycle made up of two 22.5TD cycles.  So at this time the run to the bottom by the 22.5TD cycle is supported by the 45TD cycle also bottoming in conjunction with the 22.5TD cycle.

Here is how it looks from a cycle perspective:


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