Wednesday, September 14, 2011

outlook for 09-15-2011

I told you on Monday that up side pressure was building from the shorter cycles, to expect a pop Tuesday or Wednesday.  Well we got a pop, more than I anticipated.  In looking at the data and events I believe I may have had the cycles placed something like half a day off because I thought we would see a high earlier in the day.  So I shifted the cycle placement  to reflect this.

All the cycles except the 2.8TD cycle should be down tomorrow, so a sell down is anticipated.

Here is the SPX swing cycles:

Gl traders, do your own analysis.  QID and RWM positions not looking so good at this time.


  1. Russell @ 708.88 with about 3 hours to go (thus remains above 700). Not sure where all this bullish energy is coming from, but can't go short yet.
    I am glad I closed by EUO calls on Monday. Looks like one of the gaps got covered today. Still a gap lower though. Might buy EUO calls again with it gets to the low 17's.

  2. Doctrader - the bullish push is not what I expected today. Not sure what I am missing in my work.

  3. Inlet,

    There is likely nothing missing in your work. I sure you have learned that nothing in the stock market works 100% of the time, or everyone would be rich.

    Remember that this is option expiration week, and lots of nuttiness can happen.

    Also, I saw this article on the SKF board. I have never been a member of the SKF board, and rarely post on Yahoo. But, I thought I would try & read it, and see if any of the old gang are there.

    Apparently, the world's liquidity problem has been solved for now.

    I hope that link works. Have a good evening.