Monday, September 12, 2011

outlook for 09-12-2011

As I told you Friday the cycles should be down and the market should end up "red".  It did.  As to last week the market was down, but down less than I thought it would be.

Today it appears we will start off red.  We have a couple of shorter cycles now up so we will have some pressure building to the upside.  Will this impact by end of the day?  I doubt it will, but Tuesday or Wednesday I would not be surprised if we got a upside push.  So I believe the bias today will be down.

Here is the SPX swing cycles:

GL traders.  Do your own analysis.  Hope to close out my RWM and QID positions today.


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  2. Hi¡¡

    Just a few weeks following your awesome blog. I´m trying to learn, because I like your philosophy and the way you look to the market.

    I´d like to ask you the reason you are going to close your positions... seems we could have some down days.

  3. Red,

    VGZ broke out and thru tough resistance..I think it can run to 5.90something....

    Keep up the good work...cheers...

  4. Jekyll - First I expected a short term drop and then a pop. I got the drop and sold my RWM amd half of my QID. It looked like the last half hour we may have started the pop (which I will use to reload if it pops enough).

    Timing the market is never exact and I had some decent profits I needed to take off the table. If the market behaves as expected I will take another shot. Never get too greedy nor think you will be exactly right in timing turns. I am always happy to take my part out of the middle of a move. Experience is a great teacher.