Tuesday, March 15, 2011

AAPL 03-15

Appears APPL may have made a double top (forming an "M" pattern?).  Looking at two shorter cycles a 14 day cycle should be bottoming and turn up for 7 trading days. A 56 day cycle should top around Apr 4.  I would not be surprised if APPL makes a lower high Apr 4 (following the :M" pattern) as it appears an even longer cycle may have turned down.

Here is a picture:

GL traders, do your own analysis.

03-16 long term charts

Looking at the longer term it appears that the best case scenario is a range from $300-360.  Not sure though it can maintain that range to the downside.

Here is the chart:

GL traders


  1. i hope you shorted some 3/15, nice.


  2. btw, time to put nat gas stocks up on the block. they are busting loose while market tanking.
    ECA, SWN, HK


  3. Sue

    Dang analyst stole my research and did a downgrade this morning (I wish). No positions - was strictly a reader service post. Hope you are making big $s.

    Did a post featuring SWN for natural gas.

    Don't be a stranger.