Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Comments and outlook 03-30

As expected with the 11 day cycle down, the market was fairly flat.  Looks like the shortest cycle helped keep it green into the close.  Tomorrow it looks like all 3 cycles shorter than 33 days are down.  That implies an improved odds we finish lower (I'd say odds are 3-1 we are down tomorrow), but not a huge down day because of the strength of the 33 day cycle.

Here is the outlook:

GL traders.  Do your own analysis.


  1. I like the comments inlet....remember many readers are not cycle pros

  2. Thanks KLI.

    Calling the short term moves is difficult and I often get it wrong. I often wonder if I should try. People should not be surprised if I am a day early or late. I continue to try and find a way to improve my record on these short term calls.

    Still - I believe I am transparent in my reasoning and try to state it in terms your average reader can understand.

  3. Inlet, Just wanted to say thanks. I combined your comments with Cobra's and yes, Daneric's and got out of my inverse Today (3/29) with relatively minor damage. Will not be trading for a while, but still check in. Thanks again.