Saturday, March 26, 2011

HL and MMR 03-26

As you might expect these two have similar chart patterns.  If I had to choose I probably would go with HL.  They both appear to be in an up cycle until around April 11-13 ( I would think they are still reasonable buys at current levels - HL has pulled back a little more and may be the better buy at this time).

Take a look:

GL traders.  Do your own analysis.


  1. thnx inlet on the charts ...great to see

  2. Kli,

    Not having an opinion on PMs (I don't have a clue whether gold goes to 5000 or 500 long term) I believe I give an unbiased TA view.

    A friend is in these 2 and I told her I would take a look at them to offer my perspective. She has a great sense/feel for stocks and as you can see these two have nice regular patterns...

    Glad though they mesh with the types of stocks that interest a segment of your followers.

  3. Inlet,
    Thanks for the great charts. Both stocks are good for day trading and also as swingtrade holds. HL gets very nice volume and could be the better soon. The silver miner has a gray litigation cloud to overcome.

  4. Sue,
    YW - as always you bring some nice picks to my attention. HL looks particularly interesting at this point for a swing trade. The consistency of the cycles look compelling.