Sunday, February 27, 2011

The week ahead 02-28

Looking at the near term we see that we received short term buy signals late last week for the CCI and the envelope channels.  I expect that signal is good for the next 3 or so trading days until the 11 day cycle tops.  The we will have the 11 day and 34 day cycles down thru the remainder of the week. 

So if you have a short term swing trade on watch the market closely for a turn before Thursday (and tighten your stops by mid-week).  Overall we should see upside bias (target under 1230 - see chart) first part of the week and then a reversal last couple of days of the week.  Mid-week may present an opportunity to buy an inverse ETF?

Here is a chart:

GL traders, proceed with care and do your own analysis. 


  1. Shadow7 -
    Tkx. Spent quite a bit of time over the past couple of months researching it and trying to explain it in a way most anyone could understand. I also learned a lot during my research.

    Now the project is done, I can focus more on individual stocks.


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