Thursday, February 3, 2011

Short candidate update

I had posted ITG might be a short candidate  a week or so ago.  Even though it looks like ITG is ready to issue sell signals I have reviewed it and do not feel it will make a good short candidate at this time.  Here is the chart with annotations showing why:

GL traders

1-30  Update - ITG should be at a point to considered for a short within a couple of days as the 45td cycle and 90 day cycle top together.  Here are charts:

GL traders.  Do your own analysis

02-03  ITG had the expected sell down today.


  1. Do you think ITG is ready to short now? Looks like it?

    Also how do you read NFLXs cycles?

  2. Seems like NFLX is near time to come down for at least 15 days - seems to cycle every month around the middle of the month. Earnings was the anomaly this time. I suspect it will come back to it's 50 DMA by February 20th. It might have a few more up days (227), but by at least by February 4-7 it should turn down.

  3. Shadow7 - Thanks, had not looked at ITG for a few days. I believe you are getting the hang of this, and can take over the blog for me soon. :>) See update in this thread. Posted about NFLX under a separate post.

  4. Again thanks for the response....I don't think I'm nowhere ready to fill your shoes.

    And as always you do a great job!!!