Thursday, February 10, 2011

comments and outlook 02-11

My call for yesterday of weakness for most of the day was OK.  Looks like my call for the week though will miss the mark unless we get a strong down tomorrow.  Which is possible but does not appear to be a strong possibility.

I have shown the longer of the short term cycles (11 and 22 days) and  turned down now.  Tomorrow will tell us how soon they have an impact.  We have other cycles up in the am but turning down duting the day.  So I think there is the possibility of some selling in the afternoon.

Here are charts:

GL traders, do your own analysis and protect profits with stop orders.


  1. Why the adjustment in the short term cycles?

  2. Hmmm. Something has changed. The 45 day cycle either had been plotted incorrectly earlier, or it is now. Here is a chart you posted last year. In it, you show the 45 day hitting top at the very end of Nov or early Dec, which would mean it bottomed in early Jan and now should have hit top and turned down again.

    If you could clear this up, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  3. Shadow7, Best

    See my header statement regarding cycles:

    "There is always the possibility (high probability long term) that the data will be misinterpreted or a relevant fact over looked. So use cycles to check your analysis, not as the only reason to make a decision. Interpretation is the opinion of the author and may be incorrect and should be viewed in that light."

    I believe this answers your questions. If you have a different interpretation please share it. Give me a chart (visual interpretation) and I gladly will share it (post it) with the blog audience.