Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Comments and outlook for 02-02

Okay, pushed higher than I thought it would,  Sold QID Monday AM as I indicated I intended to do.  Bought back QID trading shares today at $10.65 and was down at the close.  Should be able to sell sometime in the next 2 days profitably.  Also, unloaded some other stocks I had been holding for a while.  So I now hold a lot of cash (80%)   and short positions.  I need to find a long position to have more balance.

Took a look at the shorter cycles.  If right we push a little higher in the morning and top before noon as 2 cycles top together and pull back in the afternoon.  Here is the chart I viewed:

GL traders.  Do your own analysis please - do not act solely on my opinion - that is a good way to lose $s.


  1. How is NKE and MSB looking?
    NKE looks like its due to start a new cycle? I suspect it will bottom real soon (80) and bounce off pretty good. The Bollinger Bands are 10 pts. apart so that would be a good bounce. Earnings March 17 (needs to redeem itself from last report). March Max Pain = $80.00. If earnings are good then I suspect it will go to $100.00. Okay that's all the stuff outside of the cycles.

  2. 1 More - MGA is looking good for a turn around. Good volume came in yesterday at the close. Current Price @ 55.75. It's touching the 40 DMA (50 DMA @ 53.87). Current Pain @ $60!!! Feb OEX Pain @ $55

  3. Shadow7 - posted charts and opinion