Sunday, February 27, 2011

The long and short of it - outlook for 2-28

We have looked at the relationship of cycles as long as the KWave (about 60 years) to as short as about 11 days.  We have explained how each cycle is a factor of a longer cycle (or a longer cycle is a multiple of a shorter cycle.  Now we have not covered all the possible cycles (IE 1 year cycle), but I am sure most could be related to those cycles we have covered as a factor or multiple of a cycle we have covered.  I leave that to you if you desire to pursue it.

But, what about the cycles less than 11 days?  The 11 day cycle is probably 11.22-11.50 days in length.  So half of that is 5.5+ days.  And half of 5.5+ days is 2.75+ days.  Do such cycles exist.  See for yourself:

You will observe we have the 11+ day cycle down through Monday. The 5+  and 2.75+ day cycles are also down Monday.  This implies Monday should have a down bias, but Tue/Wed and maybe Thur should not.

GL traders.  Do your own analysis - the above is the opinion of the author and the author may have misinterpreted the placement of 1 or more cycles..


  1. Shadoe7
    Tkx. I have spent considerable time the past couple of months researching this. I have tried to translate into terms most can understand (No FIBs or other magic formulas like EW). I learned a lot from my research.

    Now this project is complete I plan to spend more time highlighting individual opportunities.