Saturday, February 12, 2011

The week ahead 02-13

Last week did not work out as predicted.  If we get a correction - I was early.  To be honest I had rather be early than late  (bad habit - always early for appointments too).  Based on the current alignment of cycles we are due (some may claim over due) a correction. 

If you looked at my prior post you will see:
  • The 10 year cycle is down
  • The 41 month (Kitchin) cycle is down
  • The 2 year cycle is up until early October
Now I believe:
  • The 1 year cycle topped in January and is down into early/mid July
  • the 20 week cycle topped and is now down
  • The Wall cycle is up thru the end of February
  • the 45td cycle is ready to top

Here is the chart:

Considering the alignment of cycles it seems that I was early going out on a limb last week, but that a correction could well start this week.

GL traders.  Do your own analysis. I may add shorter cycles later.....

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