Thursday, December 30, 2010

12-30 T-Theory chart

Looks like Landry expects a low in early March, so a top mid January would seem to fit that projection.  Here is the T-Theory chart:


  1. I have begun to follow you and see you use, I believe. However, although I have used quite a bit and can create Channels similar to yours, I cannot create your channels like you have them configured on your Charts. Can you explain?

  2. Tom -

    Most use MAs to create channels (envelopes). However, the MA doe not reflect the price data with which it aligns on a chart. For example if you do a 21 day MA point is not an average of the ending point but the mid-point of that 21 days (or day 11). So to get the MA (ie channel) to give a good channel fit of prices you need to shift the envelope half of the MA. The third parameter for MA envelopes is the shift parameter. In the case of 21 days this would be -10. So your paameter string would be (21,
    %width,-10) for a 21 MA. Note: you may have to do some trial and error to get a %width.

    If this does not fix your issue, please provide me more specific information.


  3. Is it possible that you could take a look at the GOOG chart...I am seeing a 420+/- day cycle that topped January 5, 2010 and bottomed and started a new cycle between 7/7 - 8/7/2010, which is due to peak around January 27, 2011. Now the crazy thing about the chart is the right side up slope matches the left side down slope almost tick for tick(give/take). If you draw the trend line using the larger cycle underneath and bring it up to where we are now GOOG looks like it's about to EXPLODE IF it is retracing. But this will only last for about 20 days and then down from there...can you take a look at this?

  4. Shadow7

    I would suggest to you there is a 1 year cycle which topped early Jan 2010 (your Jan 2010 reference?), bottomed first of July 2010 (your July 2010 reference?) and is now topping (see Gann for 360 day cycles). This is around 180 days Jan-July and July-Jan (see Gann cycles).

    The CCI is headed down and looks like it could easily break below negative 100 (from which point it would be able to generate a buy signal).

    There also appears to be a major gap that needs to be filled around 540-580. The RSI is around 50 (and a break below 50 is usually negative). Finally the 50 MA is about 10% above the 200 MA which usually indicates an over valuation.

    I would approach GOOG with extreme caution at these levels. Finally, 420 days is not a cycle I am familiar with. Early Jan 2010 to late Jan 2011 is around 390 days (not 420 days).

    Hope this helps.