Saturday, December 18, 2010

12-18 CF cycle update

CF has been trading in a sideways channel for almost 3 months.  The longer cycles appear to be cancelling out for the time being.  This leaves the "swing trade" short cycles moving CF up/down within this channel.  This makes for a very nice swing trading situation.

The channel appears to be in the $114-125 range.  Probably a buy around $115 and a sell around $125.  This will get you the most of the middle part of the move.  You rarely will catch an exact bottom or top!!!

Right now CF is nearing a sell point and two cycles should turn down next week.  So it is time to sell or set tighter stops....  No need to give your profits back to Mr Market.

See for yourself:

GL and happy Holidays traders.....


  1. inlet,
    thanks for the CF picture, always a good reminder for me to see where it has been. if it can muster a year end pop over 127, then i will hold out for 130. only time will tell. no need to overstay my welcome if it shows fatigue.115 will again be seen if mr market gets into a jan/feb sharp correction like last year. the GS downgrade was a gift from the greatest manipulators of all time.


  2. Sue - best of luck on your trade. The short term cycles look ready to top in the next 2-3 days.