Thursday, December 23, 2010

12-23 T-Theory

 …Of everything I read Terry Laundry’s Magic T Theory made the most sense to me. …Terry was an eccentric genius living out on Nantucket Island. He was a fellow Marine, a jughead, who’d graduated from MIT and was now using his considerable engineering skills to analyze the market. Terry believed that the market spent the same amount of time going up as it did going down…When you look at the letter T, hence, the Magic T Theory…With the Magic T there was order in the universe a high and low tide every…The Magic T and I became as one.
- Marty Schwartz, legendary trader and author of the “Pit Bull"
To me T-Theory looks like just a different way of looking at cycles.  I am no expert on T-Theory, but thought you may find it interesting.  I have attempted to construct a T-Theory chart for the S&P.  Red Bars under performance, green bars over performance.  Looks like the over performance period should be ending. 
See for yourself:
Happy Holidays


  1. A Bit of a Chicken N Egg in place here also as what started what first?

  2. Inlet.....just a quick ty for sharing your ideas and analysis both here and in the chat room.

    Have a Merry Christmas buddy !!

  3. Thanks C_K. While I know my analysis won't always be perfect I believe it provides a data point for people to consider when making a decision. I know that traders like you do their own analysis and are not solely dependent on my (or anyone else's) opinion.

    Still, I hope my efforts provide some value to traders. My two goals are to provide a short term outlook (opinion) and to educate as I bring to the attention of some things like T Theory.

    Happy holidays. Have a wonderful time with the family.