Wednesday, December 29, 2010

12-29 mid week cycle update

No change from the weekend.  We have 2 swing cycles ready to bottom (turn up), 1 down and the 1 year cycle to turn down within days (early Jan?).  Given 3 days up I would say the chance are better than 50-50 we end the week up, even though we mught get a pullback on bottoming cycles.  In total though it appears cycles are offsetting (swing cycles and longer cycles).   No sell signals yet, though they may be forthcoming soon (and may not?).

Here is the SPX:


  1. Would you consider the period between 3/3/2003 and 3/3/2012 a 9 year cycle?
    Would you consider the period between 3/13/2009 and 3/13/2013 a 4.5 year cycle?

  2. Shadow7
    I searched online for 9 year and 4.5 year cycles. I find no references. I also looked back 9 years (3/3/1994) and 4.5 years (10/13/2004) and see no clear evidence tht these cycles exist.

    If you have charts (showing these cycles) and wish to discuss this futher let me know and I will give you an URL for posting them for futher discussion.


  3. This is the link where I found the 9, 4.5 year, etc.

    They didn't mention any specific dates just the theory in general. I was just looking at the chart and speculating when some of these larger cycles started/ended.

  4. I just looked at this link you had referred me to and it works perfectly for what I mentioned above. 2011 cyclic environment (PI cycle)

  5. The PI cyce (3142 days or 8.60 years) should work. 4.3 years should be 500*PI so it is a possibility.