Saturday, October 5, 2013

Week of Oct 7, 2013 outlook

The dominant cycle is the 23TD (lunar) cycle and we just experienced a new moon phase Saturday Oct 4 so Thursday was possibly the cycle low (but a low on Monday is also possible).  Regardless next week should close up as this cycle turns up.

We have a longer 10 week (1/2 Wall cycle) turning down so this should limit the 23TD cycle up leg over the next 2 weeks (or so).  I expect a high for the week around 1700. Over the 2 weeks up leg I expect the cycle to set a lower high in the 1710-15 area as the market sets up for a move down after mid-October.

Take a look:

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  3. Has the downturn arrived 1-2 weeks early? VIX almost 21....

  4. Well the shorter cycle finally broke loose and it was a sight to behold as today undid the down of Mon-Wed. Who would have thought so - now my target high (1700) for the week is well within striking distance.