Sunday, December 28, 2014

weekly outlook Dec 29, 2014

Watching for sell zone and by around Jan 2 (5 Trading Days) should be near short cycle (around 13 TDs) bottom....

GL Traders

Update Dec 31 close update:  looks like Jan 2 should bring us a short term bottom (12-13 TDs)

Jan 2 after close:  Looks like mid day may nave been short cycle low

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The year ahead - 2015

how the cycles play out for 2015:

A low first week of April and  first week of October.  Lesser lows first week of January, first week of July and end of year...     Longer term cycles indicate a bearish year with a major low early 2016.

Bradley Siderograph 2015

Outlook for 2015:

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Weekly outlook for dec 22, 2014

The bounce definitely had more vigor than I expected, but I would guess I was not alone.  This short cycle is topping (may have topped) in  the very near future.  SPX could set an intra-day high early in the week.  Given it is a 4 day week the week could close up for the week, but I expect it to show downside tendencies by the end of the week.  Given recent volatility any move could be significant.

Here is a visual:

For swing trading we generally look at shorter cycles like the 13-17  TD cycle and get too fancy with our charts and analysis.  Maybe we should KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) like this:

GL traders

update 12/23 - As suggested the averages set new highs here in the first part of the week.  May have some upside left before Christmas??

update 12/24 - today the DJIA was up most of the session, but closed only slightly higher and SPX was slightly negative.  What one would expect if a short term top was being made....

Sunday, December 14, 2014

weekly outlook dec 15, 2014

Expecting a bit of a move up during the week as shorter cycle bottomed and turns up.  See for yourself:

update 12/17 - got the expected bounce....

update 12/18 - more energy behind bounce than expected .....

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