Sunday, March 26, 2017

Weekly outlook Mar 27, 2017

Bottom may have been Tuesday's 1% pullback, but we have worked slightly lower in some indexes.  So we may work slightly lower as the nested bottoms finalize their move.  Notice that the lower bound of the Keltner channel been touched (as it was in Nov 2016, late June 2016 and mid February 2016. (every 4 1/2 months).

 November 8, 2016 plus 4 1/2 months is due now even allowing for some non-trading holidays.  So we will see next week - does the market turn up as shorter cycles turn up or does the bottom take 2-3 more days to gain enough upside pressure to move off the bottom?

GL traders

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Weekly outlook Mar 20, 2017

3 shorter cycles formed a nested bottom and are turning up.  Long (9 month) cycle topped and is turning down.  As cycles gain momentum may set a new high, but not expecting any large move up or down.

Update 3/23:  Top of 9 month cycle and we get a mid-cycle (4 1/2 month) correction.  Next bottom of note is first part of August???

Good luck traders

Sunday, March 12, 2017

TLT mar 13, 2017

Expect next tradeable bottom mid April.

GL traders

Weekly outlook Mar 13, 2017

Appears market still has more than a week to a bottom (near end of March), so a pullback continues  another 3-4% if the charts prove to be true.

GL traders

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Gold/silver (XAU) March outlook

One more week down to set a bottom, then up as cycles turn. Last half of March should turn. but upside limited as 6 month cycle tops and turns down.

GL gold bugs

Friday, March 3, 2017

Weekly outlook for Mar 6, 2017

I told you last week:
"it appears any upside will be limited and possibly we see a slight downside bias by week's end."

We saw substantial moves by mid week, but gave a portion back after that.  The indexes were up less that 1% for the week  As I told you - limited upside   but Downside bias by week's end.

We have the 4.5 month (20 week), 10 week, and 5 week cycles down this week.  I expect these 3 cycles to prevail as the 9 month cycle see a mid cycle dip.  So a trade may be to trim your long positions (I will play an inverted index ETF for a short term trade - (looking for a 2-3% gain).

GL traders