Sunday, February 24, 2019

Weekly outlook february 25 2019

Appears SnP500 stopped 4 times at the same area.  Let's see if that resistance zone holds and market turns down?


Saturday, February 16, 2019


Are we headed to new highs?  I  suspect we have seen the 10 week cycle high this past week.  We had a major low December 26 and  5 weeks from that (half the 10 week cycle) would be late January or early February.  But it is now about 7 weeks in to the 10 week cycle (so we should have seen the cycle high).

It is not uncommon to see "right translated" cycles once a trend turns up.  So we may have seen the down trend (Oct-Dec) play out and now are in an up trend. 

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Saturday, February 9, 2019


 UPDATE 2/12:

As I suggested mid week last week may offer a buying opportunityMid to late week sold off and  depending on what stocks you were watching  provided an opening to make a buy. I had bought 4 stocks on Thursday and put in "sell gtc orders before market open."  Now need to find something to buy (only 1 position left).

Like I have stated in the past shorter  cycles can provide  larger per cent movement in a shorter period.  For example a 50 point movement of  the SP500 in 5 days is an average of 10 points a day, whereas over 10 days that 50 point movement is 5 points a day.

This is why shorter cycles (like the 10 week cycle) can have an over size short term impact down /up  even when multiple longer cycles are moving the opposite direction (as we  saw the latter part of the last week).

Here is the new week (updated):

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Saturday, February 2, 2019


The 5 week cycle completed its 5 weeks from the last bottom December 26 and turned up.  The 10 week cycle completed a half cycle and topped.  That  gives us an up 5 week, up 20 week cycle and up 9  month cycle this week.  The sum of the cycles should be UP, but the 10 week cycle will moderate the move.

The stochastic RSI indicates  a possible near term trading buy (mid week?)  See for yourself:

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