Saturday, October 26, 2013

oct 28, 2013 weekly outlook

Expected the week just past to end up to the down side.  Instead the SPX was up about 1% for the week.  The shorter 12TD cycle appears to have asserted itself, and now should be turning down so for the coming week we should see the 12TD and 23/24TD (lunar) shorter cycles down. The 1/2 Wall cycle is down as the Wall cycle tops. So I would not be surprised to see 1 or 2 days down with some vigor...

Here is a visual:

GL traders

Update:  Take a look at new post on cycles:


  1. Hai inlet,Could it be that the date is 4 bottom? remember 3 going solar eclipse, what do you think?

  2. I expect it to be later in the week than Nov 4. As to the lunar cycle - I am not big into "astro" theory and mentioned the lunar connection because you often see the 23/24 TD cycle referred to in that manner.

  3. @AstroCycle_net Tweets: - The Nasdaq
    turned every 49 trading days and Oct. 31st could be like last June 23rd see; and

  4. thanx for your work Inlet -- appreciate your insight

  5. Tq very much inlet,perfect.God bless U

  6. Hey Inlet.

    I certainly see a minor retracement into early/mid November. I think those little cycles look especially good.

    What should frankly terrify the equity bears..if you're right, and we floor around Nov'8/11...that if we ain't <sp'1700, that we'll then battle higher into the 1800s by early December.
    I just can't see any significant downside until the late Spring, at which point sp'2000s.

  7. Perma - you may be correct. I'll be taking a look at longer cycles (up to about 13 months) to see if I have them positioned correctly as I look at what I expect for November. So far not the down side I was looking for this week, but we have a couple of days left.