Sunday, August 28, 2011

outlook for 08-29-2011

Last week I was telling you the bias was up.  I believe the Nasdaq actually closed up for the week?  Well, the only constant in the market is change.  As the 34TD cycle tops over the next couple of days the bias will become neutral and later in the week shift to down.   So on 08-29 we should have the 34TD  and 11.2TD cycles topping. The 2.8TD and 5.6TD cycles are bottoming.  The 22TD cycle remains up for about 1 more week.

Of the longer cycles the 67TD (65-70TD) cycle is down and the 20 week (Wall cycle is up).  Any upside bias (if any) should be fairly muted.  So Monday should trade sideways (may get into low 1190s and sink into mid 1160s) during the day.

Here is the swing cycles for the SPX: 

GL traders, don't get greedy.


  1. Inlet,
    Perhaps you will write a post about your overall thoughts for the week.
    I think that the markets will be up this week. Those shorter cycles you show will be going up soon. The longer cycles may be overall neutral.
    We are going into a 3 day weekend which can be bullish. Traders may want to close their short positions prior to the long weekend. Just my thoughts.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Doctrader - done. Will try to post a monthly outlook soon.