Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Comments and outlook for 07-28-2011

As I indicated in my 07-27 post it seemed the 34 day cycle (down) was starting to exert dominance (down).  It showed up in full force today.  Can this dominance last?  I believe it can 1-2 more days at least.

Today the 5.6TD cycle topped and is down tomorrow.  The 2.8TD cycle bottomed and is now up.  The 11.2TD cycle continues down.  The 22TD cycle continues up.  The 34TD cycle is down. The 65-70TD (3 month reporting cycle is up and will top soon).  The 20 week Wall cycle is down.

So if I am right and the 34TD cycle is dominating the bias tomorrow is down.  So we trade in a range of  1329 (maybe it should be 1310) to 1279.  I believe we could see some significant downside tomorrow, maybe not 1279, but 1290 definitely seems possible.

Here is the SPX:

GL traders.  Do your own analysis, warning bears in the area.


  1. Inlet any idea as to what amazon is doing in cycle?

  2. c88 - AMZN probably popped too much. Dtill, it should hold at or near current levels for a week or more based on the cycles.

  3. According to days action...we should have a nice drop tomorrow followed by a midday recovery..that will take us up again like this (on Monday) only for us to sell off to Wednesday - Thursday.