Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Comments and outlook for 07-27-2011

Today was flat and traded in a narrow range.  It hit the bottom of the expected range and traded mostly in the lower half of the range I posted.  I thought we might close slightly up, but the market sold down the last half hour.

Tomorrow looks like another flat day.  It seemed that last week the 22TD cycle was dominant, but it now appears the 34TD cycle has assumed dominance.  If true that gives a downside bias to the market the rest of the week.

The 34TD cycle is down, the 22TD cycle is up. The 11.2TD cycle is down.   The 5.6TD  cycle is up.  the 2.8TD cycle should top mid day.  The 20 week cycle is down, the 65TD cycle is up.  Overall the cycles cancel out (mostly).  But, I believe there is a slight down side bias and we trade sideways in a range of  1310-1342.

Here is the SPX:

GL traders.  Do your own analysis.


  1. Again going back to the last 65/70TD cycle the difference this time is the direction of the 20 WK WALL cycle which is down until August 3 (next week).

  2. did not hit the bottom of the posted range, but close. So far trading in the lower half of the suggested range.

    Shadow - Looks like Aug 3/4 bottom for the 34TD cycle to me.

  3. so Inlet great call on Aapl and is gold a short here of hold out for a few days

  4. Broke below the 1309 bottom range I posted...

    C88 - on APPL - thks - even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then. According to my analysis (see post on $hui) looks like a couple of weeks to a top in gold. We'll see?

  5. Inlet - I got a top in GLD possibly @ 185.