Wednesday, September 4, 2013

sep 05, 2013 outlook

As I suggested last week it looked like for the short term we were in for a bottom.  Been a bit volatile, but the market is up so far this week (and should continue - best guess is about a week).  I expect we will try to test old highs, but the SnP  will fall short (1700ish?).   Lots of tests ahead - Syria, Fed taper (or not), debt limit, budget issues, Asian currency failures (India rupee), etc.  So I doubt any move up will be long term and expect to see market failure no later than mid Oct.  So Sep up first part of the month with weakness developing by mid month....

Here is a visual:

Watch for topping to reenter RWM...


  1. Even low job #s did not change the trend...

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