Friday, May 6, 2011

comments and the week ahead 05-09-2011

This past week played out much as expected as it topped and turned down. I had stated I expected at least a 20 point pullback (we got more).  A lower low Thursday was a bit of a surprise, still by the end of the week the market had stated to recover as the short cycles turned up. 

Next week the 11TD cycle will be up most of the week.  This cycle has about 31 points of amplitude so it should result in an up week.  Of course the 22TD cycle has turned down, so the upside potential is less than 31 points (I would estimate 20-25 points).  I expect we should see 1360ish on the S&P during the week, but I doubt we test recent highs.  Since the shorter cycles will be up/down during the week I do not expect a lot of overall contribution (or subtraction) for the week even though they may have 1-2 day impacts during the week.  By the end of the week the 11TD cycle should top. Setting up the next week of 5-16 (more on this later).

Here is a visual:

As I stated the 11TD cycle should top by the end of next week.  That means the week of 05-16 we have the 11TD cycle and the 22TD cycle down.  So that means the week of May 16 should be down, but just as the 22 day cycle bottoms we have a Wall cycle (20 weeks) topping and it will be down into the first week of July.  But, more important in my opinion we have the one year cycle reaching the point in its down leg (Jan-Jul) where it should start dominating to the downside.  So I believe by mid-May we will have a setup for a 6 week or so pullback in the market.  If you have gotten complacent - WAKE UP - things are reaching a critical point of change.

How big a change.  Here is a visual showing the potential amplitude of the 1 year and 20 wk Wall cycle into the first week of July when both should bottom:

As you can see the potential downside is considerable (around 280 points down on the S&P).  So this is a correction to avoid!!! or play to the short side.  And that traders is the story behind sell in May and go away

No this is not the big one, that starts later in the year (Oct-Nov) as the 2 year cycle and Kitchin cycle reach the point of maximum downside movement.  Of course there is the 10 year, 30 year, 60 year, 120 year cycle bottoms to follow that, but we will have time to address those at a later date.

GL traders.  Do your own analysis


  1. Inlet turns out bidu was missed by only a week wish I would have held strong anyhow how about amzn do you still feel we hit a top?

  2. I played that bidu call for the hell of it, held shorts through the rip so now I have just about enough profit to buy a 6-pack. Ah well, at least the position has been more exciting than all the damn cash I'm sitting on.

  3. C88 - clearly I misinterpreted the timing on BIDU. It happens. I got stopped out (for a loss) early on. And I hate losing. Still, if you are unwilling to take a loss you should not be in this game.

    As to AMZN - I have not taken a close look recently, but it seems to have hit the 22TD cycle top and should turn down. If things play out as expected to the market later in May and we hit an air pocket stocks like AMZN (APPL, NFLX, et al)at 35,000 feet should fall the most.

  4. Morla, I am glad things worked out so that you did not lose. As I stated above I use stops and got stopped out early on. Experience has proven to me that usually when a trade goes against you it is better to get out of the trade and move on.