Saturday, April 9, 2011

HL and MMR update 04-11

When we last looked at these two we projected they would top around 04-11: .  It appears they are topping after hitting our targets.  Now, if I have it right - they are set to decline for about 16-17 trading days into the first week of May.

I have set new targets in anticipation of this pullback.  If HL gives us an average decline I would expect a pullback to 8.50 area.  If it tests the declining trend line it could pull back to around 7.50 (that is almost a 25% decline from its high).  MMR also looks ready to top.   It appears it should pull back to 16.50 or 16.00 if it hits its trend line (a 15-20% decline).

Here are the charts:

GL traders.  Do your own analysis - but these are nice short possibilities (or puts).


  1. T/A also pulling a bleed here too......

  2. wtf is going on here? blasphemy. going to decline for 16-17 days.

    u are telepathic, i sold all on Fri. lol lol

    those are crappy stocks but i did very nicely. only lower prices will seduce me again. lol

    thanks for the update Inlet. i know i can count on you.

    now, if ACI will only cooperate.


  3. Thought you may have. Saw you were looking for $10.00 on HL (I believe it got to $9.95).

    Look at ACI chart: