Monday, April 18, 2011

comments and outlook 04-19-2011

Looks like my concerns about a change in cycles may have been premature and the 33TD cycle is still in dominance.  It that is the case we should have a down week and usually we get the most down action as a cycle bottoms.  So I expect the sell down to continue tomorrow.

Here is a visual of the SPY:

GL traders, do your own analysis...


  1. Hi Inlet any update on bidu? It just keeps going higher?

  2. Inlet,
    very nice going on your INTC. muy bueno

  3. Tkx Sue, was a nice little trade. Took a little longer than anticipated.

  4. 38dd -
    No update really, looking like a bad call.

    I got stopped out of my puts end of last week for a loss. I always use stops to avoid the emotional decision (hope) a trade will work when it is going against me. I regularly comment that traders should use limit orders and stops....

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