Monday, April 25, 2011

Comments and outlook for 04-26-2011

"I see both bullish and bearish arguments, so guess we’ll have to wait for tomorrow. "

"The bottom line? Got to let things continue to clarify until a clearer picture emerges."

I often check to see what others are saying.  Above are two examples.  OK,  at 4PM EDT tomorrow I can tell you what the market will do tomorrow.  Makes almost as much sense as the above opinions. I try to give you an opinion.  Am I wrong sometimes?  Far too often I am wrong, but that is the hazard of predicting the future (I do much better when predicting the past).

Looking at the cycles it appears tomorrow will be difficult for the bulls.  Two of the shorter cycles are now down   The 2.8day cycle and 5.6 day cycle will both be pushing hard down to a bottom.  At the same time the 11.2 day cycle will be pushing up to a top.  The 22 day cycle remains up.  As I have shown short cycles can move multiple points in a short time frame.  So I believe the shorter cycles will rule the day tomorrow and we end up down for the day, but a moderate range during the day.

See for yourself:

GL.  Do your own analysis.  Keep stops in place, I believe we are entering a dangerous time period.

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