Thursday, April 28, 2011

comments and outlook for 04-29

Today was much as anticipated.  Maybe a little stronger close than I thought.  Tomorrow we have the 11.2TD  cycle and 2.8TD cycles down.  The  5.6 day cycle should top by around the end of the day. 

So we have two cycles up (22TD and 5.6TD cycles) and two cycles down (11.2TD  and 2.8TD).  IMO it is a close call as to whether we close red or green tomorrow.  So I expect a flat market tomorrow without much change.

Here is a visual:

GL traders.  Do your own analysis.  The market should top no later than early next week, so tighten up any stops.


  1. I am going to say "Green Day", since it is the last trading day of the month.

    Perhaps the PTB will want April to end on a positive note.

  2. Doc - you could be right - looks like a coin flip from the charts.