Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 6, 2015 weekly outlook

With the Wall cycle and 10 week cycle down the week has some downside pressure.   Even though longer cycles have larger amplitudes it is spread over longer time frames so the per day amplitude is usually less (especially in the first half of the down leg). So with the 5  week cycle and 2.5 week cycles up probably will see some upside bias for the week, but limited move up due to down side pressure of the longer cycles.

GL traders


  1. Those clowns kept going on about gold at the start of the year. Now look what the GOLD PRICES have been doing. OUCH!

    What does look to be in trouble is the GOLD CHART here. ==> UH OH!!!

    And to think I listened to those dummies from CNBC who keep saying that GREECE will crash the market, but they keep going on and on and every time they say something, its pure BS. If you do the complete opposite of them, you would probably make some money. Fancy that!

    I doubt the GREECE vote will matter, they are already trying to crash the system.

    This is the practise run for when the US collapses. yes, they are trialing things out in GREECE first. You heard it here first!!!!

    And so far, you can see that the OLD greek playwrites from the 1800's would not be able to come up with better shit, and melodrama that we have had over thelast few days. wow.

  2. 6:30 pm Sunday and S&P500 futures down almost 1.5% so Monday could be ugly (unless short or in inverses and I have suggested a portion of your portfolio be moved to inverses)


  4. The up pressure from the 2 short cycles kept today from being a disaster that one may have thought after the Greece referendum on Sunday.

  5. the USD chart looks like a massive breakout move coming. Take a quick peek. ==>

  6. Strong dollar, weak oil since oil priced in $s.