Saturday, October 22, 2011


Who knows what we will see out of Europe by Monday.  Friday may have been the topping of the 34TD cycle.  The only thing I am sure of is the higher we go the neared we are to a top.

Here are the SPX swing cycles:

GL traders.

Note:  Due to a personal situation I will be on the road (out of town) early next week and will not be posting the first part of the week.


  1. Inlet,

    I hope you are getting away for some R&R. If not, try to have some fun.

    I think if the S&P can get all the way to 1238, it has 1250 in its sights. Maybe down after that.

  2. Phil Davis is clearly bullish, believing that 1300 is the target for the S&P.
    TheKeystone Speculator believes we are overbought, and a pull back is needed.
    I am wondering if we are seeing some end of the month "Tape Painting" and perhaps we will see a big thrust upwards in the next couple days before a pullback occurs. Much depends on the pending news out of Europe.

  3. Hey inlet, hope all is well with you and that your travels are safe.

  4. Doctrader - It was not an R&R situation.

    c_k as I told you last week I expected I may have to go to Va. I had a safe trip. After years - the situation is resolved in the only way it could be resolved. The suffering is over.

  5. If I get a chance I will try and get a chart together and post in the morning. Right now I am beat after driving 9 hours since noon so I am going to bed.