Saturday, October 12, 2019

Oct 14, 2019 outlook

Late December 2018 (year end) a 9 month cycle beginning low was set.  Mid to late May a mid point high  ( 4 1/2 months from low late Dec) was reached. Mid May to early Oct is 4+ months (completing the 9 month cycle).  

Note: cycle lengths are rarely exact  and the 9 month cycle should be 40+ weeks (9 months is 39 weeks - 1  week longer than  9 months).  Over time the average for the 9 month cycle is close to 9 months  and we need to allow for this.

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  1. Replies
    1. search for Kitchin cycle (named for Joseph Kitchin) and Wall Cycle (named for PQ Wall. These are the building blocks for longer cycles and other cycle combinations.

    2. Wow. PQ Wall. I haven't heard that name in ages. I can see him now, clear as day. A legend.

    3. The Kitchen cycle is 3.5 years.
      The Juglar cycle is 9 years.
      The trough and crests dates need the work to find when they have had crests and troughs.

    4. Good book on various cycles and other matters.

      Financial Astrology

      ISBN: 0-86690-045-4

      LCdr. David Williams.

    5. David Knox Barker's combination of cycles and Fibonacci you should find interesting. Interesting factoid - (not cycle related) - he is married to Billy Graham's grand daughter.

  2. Could you update your cycle analysis of GDX?

    Thanks so much!

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