Saturday, September 15, 2018

weekly outlook Sept 17, 2018

Any student of cycles understands that cycles do not always fit the assumed  length.   If it is a long cycle of several months a variation of  length (short or long) may be of small consequence.  Whereas one or two days may be significant for a short cycle.  As a result it may be necessary to adjust bottom pivot points so charts more closely match past movement....

For short cycles medium length cycles provide the  frame for shorter cycles  (20 weeks divides in to two 10 week cycles and 4 five week cycles.  So changing the bottom pivots of the 20 week cycle  changes pivots of the 10 week and 5 week cycles.  To sum it up:  without expensive tools these changes are made using the ole "eyeball".  And the "eyeball" is imperfect.

Two longer cycles (10 and 20 weeks) are up.  5 week cycle tops mid week.  probably up week  (could be sideways).


GL traders.


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