Sunday, December 6, 2015

Dec 7, 2015 weekly outlook

Pope Francis declares International year of Jubilee Dec 8, 2015:  odious debt to be forgiven!

There you go - all that odious debt GONE!!!!  Where did it go?  I guess the winners are those who took on debt that exceeded their ability to pay.

I have always found numerology in the Bible interesting.  It starts with 7 days...  There are lots of multiples of 7 (the 7th being a day of rest/worship).  There is 7x7 + 1 - Pentecost is 50 days after Easter.  Jubilee year happens ever 50 years....  Seven years is Shemitah (a stock cycle?).

So do cycles relate to biblical numerology?  Twenty weeks is 140 days (ten weeks is 70 days).  Subtract weekends and 20 weeks is 100 TDs (trading days) .Often we see 20 week cycles (or 10 week mid-cycles of 50 TDs).

I looked at Russell 2000 index to see if there was any weekly pattern (7 calendar days or 5 trading days).  Here is what I saw:

(30 min chart)

GL traders



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