Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oct 5, 2015 weekly outlook

The past week showed a lot of volatility both up and down,  Friday for example opened down 200 or so points after the job reports numbers disappointed and spent most of the day recovering and ending with a gain (range for day on DOW about 400 points). If you bought an ETF like SPY at the open and sold near the close you made over 2%.  For the week most of the indexes were up,

The charts continue to look as if we should see some weakness during the week.  Probably enough volatility and with some accurate timing one should make 3% or more during the week.  Smallish positions best and use limit orders to limit risks....

Longer cycles are down.  the 10 week cycle (up) and 5 week cycle (down) offset.  The TSI zero line cross is bullish. So the weekly bias should be up early in the week but down for the week.

GL traders


  1. All the 3 cycles look like they are about to turn down

  2. All cycles (long and short) should turn down in November.

  3. Up move more than expected and longer than expected.... Can't always get it right. Stop order tripped on Tuesday and the I flipped to IWM. Profits (if any) will be slim this week.

    1. profits about 1% after offsetting RWM loss (before stopped out) and commissions. Went into RWM with limit order at $61.05. Hope this works better than week of Oct 5.