Sunday, December 28, 2014

weekly outlook Dec 29, 2014

Watching for sell zone and by around Jan 2 (5 Trading Days) should be near short cycle (around 13 TDs) bottom....

GL Traders

Update Dec 31 close update:  looks like Jan 2 should bring us a short term bottom (12-13 TDs)

Jan 2 after close:  Looks like mid day may nave been short cycle low


  1. I'm not clear on what you mean. A sell by Dec 2 (today)? Then you say we should see a bottom Dec 2nd. From your chart it appears that maybe we get a bottom around Dec 20

  2. Dec 2? I reference Jan 2 as a possible short term bottom. Since this post was posted Dec 28 for the week beginning Dec 29 not sure what you are referencing since predicting the past is a 100% sure thing...