Sunday, July 8, 2012

7-8-2012 recovery update

I wish I could tell you that recovery is going as expected and everything is fine.  But that would not be true as I keep hitting speed bumps in my recovery.  So far I have had fluid accumulation in the chest 3 times that had to be drained (over 3 liter each time).  This much fluid in the chest cavity leads to supressed breathing. 

In between I have tried to maintain a schedule of activity to improve my strength and stamina. So the cardio Drs decided I had a heart sychronization problem (left chamber fires off, then the right chamber fires off) .  This  leads to low effieiency of the heart.  In other words I live in a very percarious condition.

On Mon/Tue I had a pacemaker/defib unit implanted along with a drainage tube. In measuring the drainage it seems to be decreasing over the past 3 days.  This could be good news.  Still the heart surgeon says I need to be close to family so they can keep an eye on me as I have a very fragile situation (guess this move happens over the next month).

Looking at the market it eappars Jul/Aug will provide some volatility in a range of about 10% , but no actual large move up or down.  So I have re-established my RWM inverse position to trade on a 5% or greater move down in The Russell.

GL traders.


  1. Inlet, hope you are gaining strength/health every day. Good to hear from you.

  2. Inlet,

    Thanks for the update. I was hoping you would check in.
    Don't get discouraged. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. good luck to you! this may be helpful to you

    the complications you are having are very common and the medical industrial complex is more likely to kill you than cure you.

  4. Good luck Inlet - definitely rooting for ya!!