Friday, September 9, 2016

Weekly outlook Sept 12, 2016

"September is on the downside of the nine month cycle. The 4.5 month cycle has topped and turned down (dominant)." - September monthly outlook

Weekly outlook: "This week the 4.5 month cycle turns down after topping the past week" early on this call as late in week before "The 4.5 month and 9 month cycles should start gaining down side momentum so a slight downside drift is possible."

Bonus post on Kitchin cycle: "The market is at/nearing a major cycle  top."

Not perfect,  near miss on my calls. Now that the longer cycle (4.5 month) cycle is showing dominance (and 9 month also down) expect another down week.

I am asked how to set potential price(s):  A frequently used method is a Fibonacci sequence.

gl traders


  1. Fibonacci levels can give you support areas Conrad

  2. Replies
    1. I think He is picking the Top and the Bottom of the DPO chart underneath SPX.

    2. correct H2535, the DPO span for the 100 day (4.5 month) cycle

  3. So still a possibility we see 1950 a good low come nov 2016