Friday, July 1, 2016

Weekly outlook July 5, 2016

Bottom should be set and new trend up starting as multiple shorter cycles turn up.  During July odds are we see some new highs in popular indexes.  Maybe highs  next week (depending on data points).

Enjoy the 4th weekend.  GL traders


  1. This week a High for July 5, wave V-III-1 up, and then a Higher Low into July 12 is my base scenario.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Based on cycles and Elliott wave, I expect a High today for wave V-III-II-b up.
    Target is to form the right shoulder @2065 of an inverted SHS pattern and form wave c down into JUL 12. Invalid if we set Higher Highs > JUL 5.

    Last chance to get in on the long side for targets of 2300 in August/September?

  3. Always takes a bit of time to form a bottom (or a top) ... almost time to move up, a new high seems within possibilities.

  4. Would you kindly post a cycle chart for DB (Deutsch Bank)?



  5. Take a look at

    Set up chart (time span for example) and then use annotate to draw cycles/ trend lines etc. You may discover analysis you prefer over my attempts.

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